Spiritual Direction

“The beautiful art of Spiritual Direction is a way of walking together through life—a sense of companionship through the ebbs and flows of life, a soul friendship where one can lean into presence and remember what is true. The reality is that the truth of one’s being is alive in each person. But most people fall into forgetting who they are and are pulled out of themselves into fear and control. The long journey of Spiritual Direction allows us to keep falling back into the rhythm of knowing the truth of our souls. Spiritual Direction is a gift guiding our lives toward being re-membered, re-turned, and re-called home.”

(from the book Walk with Me, Transformation through the path of Spiritual Direction by Cathy AJ Hardy)

Soul Care Spiritual Directors

Cathy AJ Hardy
Gillian Drader
Patricia Braun
Greg Kingcott

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving Spiritual Direction.

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